Thursday, October 21, 2010

Events This Weekend: Friday Night Spotlight & Christian Store Day!!

       Every fall our store hosts Friday Night Spotlight that consists of various Friday night when we have authors come into our store to speak and sign books like a couple weeks ago we had Jeff Manion come and talk with his new book The Land Between. This Friday Night it is going to be a little different with artist Amy Young coming to our store to preform. 
       Amy Young is a distinctive composer who incorporates elements of rock, pop, folk, light jazz and blues; always melodic and self-assured. She is perfectly comfortable with a driving rock bass, a heartbroken bluesy ballad or a jazzy swing tune. “The goal is to relate authentically letting songs expose experience. They are simply a response to what happens, what I learn and how I change.”

Come, see, and hear Amy Young's amazing gift of music.

Friday, October 22 @ 7:30 pm
An Evening of Music with Amy Young & Friends

This Saturday is also 
Other than the amazing sales and free give aways, we will also be hosting amazing live music provided by Jessica Weaver, Baker Book House's own Chris (or known as Davis Ave), and Nate Glasper!

10:00 am - Our store opens
12:00 pm - Jessica Weaver 
  2:00 pm - Davis Ave 
  4:00 pm - Nate Glasper
  9:00 pm  - Our store closes

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


"I remember the first time I heard Jonathan Nelson. It took me a little to grasp the idea of the song, “My Name is Victory.” No my name literally wasn’t victory but the idea that someone could come up with a line like that to represent that we walk in victory was mind blowing. Now Nelson is back with his sophomore CD “Better Days”. I believe that this title is appropriate due to the fact that the body of Christ needs to be encouraged during great times of transition. I love the fact that Nelson is able to incorporate the legendary sounds of gospel music, with precise vocal techniques, dynamics, contemporary and praise and worship. Songs like “Cry Holy” and “Praise Saved My Life” will compel you to praise where ever you are. I have to say that my favorite is “Smile/Better is One Day”. I was in awe with the line, “Here’s my worship, smile”. To be able to please God in our worship is an awesome thought but the thought of him smiling over us is even greater. Nelson makes a smooth transition into Matt Redman’s “Better is one day” and reflects on how he would rather be with the Lord than anywhere else. All I know is that this project made me reflect on Christ. I would highly suggest this CD to anyone I run into. I give this it an A+ "
- Ken of Baker Book House

New Releases

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