Monday, September 24, 2012

Matthew West - Into the Light

A couple of years ago now Matthew West sent out a request to his fans asking for their stories. He was blown away with the response that he got. There were so many letters and so many heart wrenching, honest stories. The Story of Your Life was the album from those letters. Many of the stories, well pretty much all of them, were stories that dealt with brokenness and the encouragement to the specific pain in life. The encouragement was almost on a survival basis in terms of counseling (I am no concealer but one who has experienced brokenness and the help from others.) It is the immediate response to the painful stories. 

In this new album, Into the Light, by Matthew West, he still uses the letters but there is a distinct change in the feel of the album. This is an album of encouragement of going beyond the survival stage of dealing and moving on toward the healthy living future. The song "Moved by Mercy" is such a song. It is the next song after The Story of Your Life's "Broken Girl." A song that characterizes the album as a whole is the song "Do Something." It is for the listener of these heart wrenching songs. It is a call to action. We can sit back and blame God or others for the pain of this world or we can recognize that God has given us gifts to be his instruments in the world and do something. We can guide people into the healing of the light of God.

"Forgiveness" is a song where a women chose to forgive the man who drunkenly murder her daughter with his car. The story is one of power and doing something showed the grace of God.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Review - Group 1 Crew's Fearless

Last fall Group1Crew had some changes within their group. Pablo left the group to spend more time with family. Manny and Blanca continued forward with their music fearlessly. Due to this personnel change Group 1 Crew’s music focused on Manny and Blanca’s strengths.  The song “He said” featuring Chris August is an excellent example. They are true to their hip hop beats while fusing with some contemporary melodies. I think that the fusion is a great idea that works. Fans of tobyMac will greatly enjoy this new Group 1 Crew sound. If you are a fan of their more hip hop dance songs, not to worry they still have some of those songs on this album too.

I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of a synthesizer. I agree that it is really fun to use, but I am in some ways really old school purist. That being said, the project has almost two different audiences in mind, the synthesized dance people and the hip hop fused contemporary songs people. You are never bored when listening to the project.

One recommendation the I have for you is when first listening to this new album approach it openly and enjoy the music as what it is and not compare it to how different they had sounded with Pablo. I did not do this the first time and I missed out on some really great new music. I did not make the same mistake twice. I really enjoyed the music the second time through. It is defiantly true when they say that different doesn’t mean less. They are still Group 1 Crew, but different.

Monday, August 27, 2012

TobyMac - Eye On It

This newest project by TobyMac, Eye On It, brings his music forward with a nod to the past. I found this album very reminiscent to Portable Sounds with one song, "Family" very similar in the sound vibe to "City on Our Knees" from Tonight album. Eye on It as a whole take on a techno feel of Owl City with the hip hop jibe of GROUP1CREW. Blanca from GROUP1CREW is featured on the album in one song. For the first time that I am aware of, the Christian music giant, TobyMac, teams up with Christian Rap's biggest musician, Lecrae. They come together in this great song called "Forgiveness." I have always enjoyed when two different artists come together and compliment each others sounds. The mixture of the hip hop, rap, and contemporary sounds makes the lyrics of that song all the more powerful.
The song "Thankful for You" is one where I would love to sit down with TobyMac and ask him questions. The song is one of gratitude to both God and those who like his music. The questions that I would ask would be on his journey from before DC Talk to where he is now.
Definitely, a quality album as to be expected from TobyMac with many great songs on it.
Here is me without you ....

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

KB - Weight& Glory - Debut Album

KB brings in a breath of fresh air.
Intense lyrics.
Fast rapping.
Sweet mixes.
Fellow Christian rappers.
Sho Baraka.
Trip Lee.
Heart for Christ Jesus.
Catches you from the.
first beat.
first rhythm.
Keeps you from one song to another.
14 songs in all.
But sadness occurs.
The end of the album is reached.
Replay button.
First video.
KB's story.
Second video.
First single.
For Your Information.
This post is no rap.
Just simple.

Friday, June 1, 2012

New Releases - June 5, 2012

Altars - Conclusions - FaceDown Records - Provident
 Altars formed in early 2010 with the drive to present forceful passionate, heavy, hardcore/metal.  The focus on the intensely spiritual foundation of the band is displayed through hardworking ideals and DIY methods to share their creation with whomever they can, wherever they can.  After releasing their debut EP "Opposition" in July of 2011 on Strike First Records, Altars are back with 12 tracks that make up one of the finest heavy albums of 2012 on "Conclusions".  The creative songwriting and top notch production on "Conclusions" are sure to make a mark for Altars in the heavy music scene in 2012 and beyond.

Maranatha! Music - Top 25 Praise Series Classics Edition - Maranatha! Music -  EMICMG
If your walk with Christ had a soundtrack, this would be it! 2 timeless CDs feature classic choruses from the best-selling Praise Series, including "As We Gather"; "Glorify Thy Name"; "In His Time"; "Open Our Eyes"; "You Are My Hiding Place"; "Behold What Manner of Love"; "Jesus, Name Above All Names"; "Humble Thyself in the Sight of the Lord"; "Seek Ye First"; and "I Love You, Lord."

Write This Down - Lost Weekend - Tooth and Nail Records - EMICMG
Write This Down has spent the last two years touring in support of their Tooth & Nail Records self-titled debut, and they’re back and ready for more with their sophomore release Lost Weekend. Picking up where Write This Down left off, Lost Weekend will not be a disappointment for fans that fell in love with the dirty riffs and soaring melodies of the first record. 

Amy Grant - Rock of Ages... Hymns & Faith - EMICMG Music Label Group - EMICMG
In 2005 Amy Grant released her 20th career album, Rock of Ages…Hymns & Faith as a follow-up to 2002's gold-certified Legacy...Hymns & Faith. This GRAMMY® Award winning collection, produced by long-time collaborators Brown Bannister and Vince Gill, picks up where Legacy left off and is available through EMI CMG Distribution for the first time.

Rev. Milton Brunson - Platinum Gospel: Rev. Milton Brunson - SonOrous Entertainment - EMICMG
Rev. Milton Brunson was more than just a choir leader. In 1948, while attending McKinley High School in Chicago, Brunson formed what eventual be known as The Thompson Community Singers. They would go on to perform some of the largest Gospel concerts in their time, including appearances at Madison Square Garden and Carnegie Hall. Brunson was musical innovator whose ministry and social impact will be remembered for many generations to come. Today a post office in his native Chicago is named after him to preserve his memory. Enjoy his greatest works with The Tommies with this newly re-mastered collection.

Petra - Best of the 80's - Star Song Music - EMICMG
The 1980’s were the peak of Petra’s career. They were playing in front of sold out arenas nationwide, selling hundreds of thousands of albums each year and racking up numerous radio hits. This collection of music, not only defines a generation, but is a historical look at Christian rock music through the songs of the band who paved the way for many more Christian rock bands to follow. Best of The 80’s, is a must have collection for an amazing low price of $7.99.

Regina Belle - Higher - Pendulum Records - EMICMG
Grammy Award Winning Artist, Regina Belle, releases her second Gospel album, Higher following up on her award winning first gospel album Love Forever Shines on Pendulum Records, LLC in association with Walker Davis Entertainment, LLC. This project has collaborations from award-winning artists, Pastor Shirley Ceasar, Kathy Taylor, Lowell Pye, and some of the industry top producers including Pajam, Terence Vaughn, Chris Walker and Micah Stampley.

Switchfoot - Vice Re-Verses - Credential Recordings - EMICMG
The Grammy award winners, Switchfoot, are releasing Vice Re-Verses, a limited edition CD featuring remixes of songs from Vice Verses, the band’s fast-selling and critically acclaimed release from last year. Remixes came in from a wide range of genres and artists eager to get their hands on a Switchfoot song, including Paper Route, Owl City’s Adam Young, Photek and MUTEMATH’s Darren King. In addition to these artists, band mates Drew Shirley and Jerome Fontamillas tag teamed the remixing of “The War Inside.” 

Various - Platinum Gospel: Mighty Men of Gospel - SonOrous Entertainment - EMICMG
This collection celebrates the music of some of the most powerful and inspiring male vocalists the world of gospel has ever known. From the massive wall of sound created by Rev. James Cleveland and his Voices of Tabernacle to the smooth harmonies of Richmond Virginia’s Harmonizing four, this compilation covers the full spectrum of sounds from Gospel’s past. Each of these tracks has been hand selected and carefully re-mastered to create a whole new listening experience. Please join Sonorous Entertainment in paying homage to the Mighty Men of Gospel! 

Monday, May 7, 2012

New Releases - May 8, 2012

Here are this week's new releases that include...

Mary Mary - Go Get It - Columbia Records - Provident
Mary Mary's new release with music featured in and inspired by their WE-TV show Mary Mary. Featuring two new songs, Mary Mary favorites, and other classics remixed and remastered.

Ben Cantelon - Everything in Color - Kingsway - EMICMG
 The third release from Canadian worship leader Ben Cantelon, Everything In Color is his strongest album yet. Produced by Jason Ingram (Chris Tomlin, One Sonic Society), the full-length album features songs that have already stirred up the underground - like ‘Saviour Of The World’, ‘A New Day’ and a brand new recording of already established worship song ‘Love Came Down’. The album features songs written with Mia Fieldes (Hillsong), Jason Ingram, and Stu G, and the album fuses great production with a raw sense of corporate worship. Having started out as Worship Director at Soul Survivor Ben is now based at Holy Trinity Brompton, where he is a key worship leader for Worship Central.

Various - Dad's 50 Favorite Worship Songs - Kingsway - EMICMG
Designed just for Dads, this 3 CD collection is compiled of 50 bold worship songs including 'How He Loves Us', 'History Maker', 'Majesty', ‘God Of This City' and 'The Stand'. The church is filled with men who understand what it is to worship God but who are hungry for more; this collection of worship songs seek to encourage and inspire strong praise from within.

Phillips, Craig & Dean - Here I Am to Worship: 16 Timeless Worship Anthems - Sparrow - EMICMG
Over the past decade Phillips, Craig & Dean has embraced the worship movement. With over 2 million records sold across their 18 years, Phillips, Craig & Dean has withstood the test of time with songs of praise and adoration leading the way. This all new collection of 16 worship anthems is filled with songs millions in churches across America are singing today. For new Phillips, Craig & Dean fans, this is the perfect compilation to discover their vast catalog. For longtime fans, this is a great collection to replace the CDs you’ve lost or to create an instant playlist. Here us a video from...many moons ago... maybe the earlier 90' blessed! 

Bluetree - Kingdom - Exchange Music - Indie
This album follows the chart-topping debut "God of This City."
First single "Jesus Healer" is a personal snapshot of singer/songwriter Aacron Boyd's journey with his daughter who has cystic fibrosis. Kingdom is a passionate reminder of Jesus’s redemptive work on the Cross. Mirroring the grace-centered approach that’s a hallmark of Exchange Church Belfast, the album is meant to encourage believers to walk in the fullness of life.

Monday, April 30, 2012

New Releases - May 1, 2012

Here are the new releases for this week that include...

Point of Grace - A Thousand Little Things - Curb Records - Word
The women of Point of Grace are celebrating 20 years together, and with this celebration they offer A Thousand Little Things. Brimming with the beautiful harmonies, encouraging lyrics, and graceful melodies that Shelley Breen, Denise Jones, and Leigh Cappillino are known for, A Thousand Little Things reminds us to be mindful of the multitude of blessings God has given us. The band also flexed their songwriting skills on this album, penning three songs, including the uplifting, instantly appealing title track. Several tracks on the record have a more reflective feel, mirroring what each woman was experiencing in her personal life in her relationships with family and friends. The ladies of Point of Grace remind us all to be grateful for the thousand little things we'll experience today, from a warm cup of coffee in the morning to a bedtime novel at night.

Deitrick Haddon Presents Voices of Unity - A Beautiful Soul: Music Inspired by the Motion Picture - Taseis Media Group - Word
The movie, A Beautiful Soul, is a modern urban tale loosely based on a popular Dickens story (A Christmas Carol), which stars the uber-talented Deitrick Haddon in his second major motion picture role. The film tells the story of a cynical R&B star whose life's path leads him back to his Gospel roots. To tell this musical story, Haddon enlisted the help of an eclectic mix of Gospel and R&B stars such as Kierra 'KiKI' Sheard, Canton Jones, Faith Evans, and Fonzworth Bentley just to name a few.

Karen Davis - Songs in the Night - Galilee of the Nations - Provident
Karen Davis is one the most recongnizable women in Messianic worship. She has set a standard for passionate worship rooted in the rich sounds of the Holy Land. Songs of the Night is a gift of encouragement. Birthed on the Mount Carmen, Israel fromt he tensions an dturmoil surrounding this embattled nation, 13 songs of victory, hope, and comfort - in both Hebrew and English - inspire and empower listeners of every nation, even in the midst of the world's end-time battles. God promises every believer that when we enter into our night seasons, His song will alsways be with us (Psalm 42:8).
Here is one of her songs from an earlier album...

Lara Landon - Overcome - New Day
Singer-songwriter Lara Landon’s career began with opportunities most only dream about. Landon’s debut album, Beloved, was produced by GRAMMY® award-winning talent Michael Omartian (Amy Grant, Christopher Cross, Rod Stewart). In fact, the Beloved recording process proved to be not only the chance of a lifetime but also breeding grounds for her artistry, as she was able to work with well-respected songwriter/producers like Jason Ingram, Plumb and Mitch Dane. In 2011 Landon submerged herself in writing and recording songs that reflected the past few years and her new life experiences. “I wanted this album to truly reflect my heart and, most of all, I wanted to offer it up at every stage to God for His approval,” she says. “I promised myself, for this project, I would try my best to quiet the voice inside my head that was concerned with what people would think and focus on what I thought God was directing me to do.” The subsequent album is covered with Landon’s fingerprints, reflecting her intuitive lyrics and unique melodies. Overcome showcases an eclectic yet cohesive pallet of lush arrangements and melodic, piano-driven pop, venturing into the folk realm but ultimately more reminiscent of fellow female innovators Imogen Heap, Plumb and Kate Bush. It’s evident Landon was not afraid to explore new stylistic elements by incorporating Hebrew lyrics, Middle Eastern percussion and Spanish guitar. The songs are intentionally sequenced to tell the songwriter’s story, leading the listener through a musical journey from desperation to hope.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Releases - April 24, 2012

Here are this week's new releases that include (don't miss the Spanish releases below!)...

Haste the Day - The Best of the Best - Solid State - EMICMG
“When peace like a river attendeth my way, when sorrows like sea billows roll, it is well, it is well with my soul...” Those lines, from the 19th Century hymn "It Is Well With My Soul," say a lot about metalcore legends Haste the Day. The Indianapolis five-piece – who take their name from the hymn – have spent the past eight years rolling with the punches, taking the highlights and the challenges in equal measure. Embraced by a global fan base of rock and metal fans, HASTE THE DAY have released five revered albums that have collectively sold well over a quarter-million copies – despite member shifts that might have leveled a lesser band. Always driving them forward was the unwavering adoration of the band's legion of fans, who helped to make HASTE THE DAY one of the most successful and enduring metalcore bands of their generation. A greatest hits compilation, Best Of The Best includes Haste The Day’s most essential tracks. The release features “Pressure The Hinges,” “Mad Man,” “Stitches”, “Chorus of Angels” and many other heavy melodic tunes from the arsenal of Haste The Day. 

Various - Holy Hip Hop 13 -  Holy Hip Hop - EMICMG
Holy Hip Hop: Taking The Gospel to the Streets, Vol. 13 highlight Ministers of the Gospel as voted by the Holy Hip Hop Global Community, with over 100,000 mp3 streams over the series online song voting periods. Volume 13 of the long- lasting CD Series remains a steady favorite. The Holy Hip Hop: Taking The Gospel To The Streets brand satisfy the growing demand for spiritually enlightening music in both Christian and secular cultures. This trailblazing Grammy and Stellar Award nominated CD Compilation series continues to gain popularity and fans through its uplifting message just like Wow and X. What’s more, Vol.13 includes a bonus Inspiration Jam, Vol. 6 CD. 

Beegie Adair, Jim Brickman, Stan Whitmire & Friends - Piano Music for Weddings - Green Hill - EMICMG
In this Green Hill encore collection of timeless contemporary love songs performed on solo piano by such best selling Green Hill artists as Jim Brickman, Beegie Adair, Stan Whitmire and others, the perfect music for the perfect day is always close at hand. "We've Only Just Begun," "I Will Always Love You," "The Wind Beneath My Wings," "So This Is Love (The Cinderella Waltz)," "They Long to Be Close To You," "And I Love Her," "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You," "Ready to Take a Chance Again," "I Won't Last A Day Without You," "Somewhere," "Longer," Someone to Watch Over Me," & "The Lord's Prayer."
Elder Goldwire McLendon - Best of Elder Goldwire McLendon - Music World Gospel - EMICMG
The Best of Elder Goldwire McClendon is the debut album from BET Sunday Best first runner up for season 3. This album has seven new recordings of songs performed on the top ranked show including “The Battle Is The Lords” and “How Great Thou Art” which has received over 100,000 views on YouTube. This album exhibits Elder’s vocal range and passion for the Lord. 

Hillsong Kids - Crazy Noise - Hillsong - EMICMG
The Hillsong KIDS are back with an energetic collection of kid-friendly praise songs, guaranteed to get your young ones on their feet and singing along! But that’s not all, for the first time ever Hillsong Kids presents an album especially for preschoolers and early school age children. Crazy Noise is an album full of catchy new songs for fans of The Wiggles and Yo Gabba Gabba. A couple of ‘Hillsong KIDS’ favorite songs and an appearance from JD, lead singer of ‘Hillsong United’, are also added into the mix to complete this wonderful collection.

Great Worship Songs Kids Praise Band - Great Worship Songs for Kids Presents Sunday School Sing-A-Long Songs - - EMICMG
Sunday School Sing-A-Long Songs, 10 Fun-to-Sing-a-long favorites, is the newest release in the Great Worship Songs for Kids series. "The B-I-B-L-E," "This Little Light of Mine," "Deep and Wide," "I’m in the Lord’s Army," "Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man" - these are just a few of the all-time favorite Sunday School songs you’ll find in this new CD created especially for those little worshippers in your family and church! Featuring 10 “can we please sing that one again?” all-time favorite songs, your kids will have fun singing along to these best-loved children’s classics providing a creative way to learn important truths and exciting stories from God’s Word!

Monks of the Desert - Blessings, Peace, and Harmony - RCA - Provident
The remarkable Monks of the Desert, who spend their daily hours praying for peace, working and studying in silence, make their major label debut on Sony Masterworks with an album of Gregorian chant, Blessings, Peace, and Haromony.  Named after Pope Gregory 1, Gregorian chant involves the early Christian liturgical music that originated in medieval times and forms the roots of Western classical music.  

Seth Condrey - North Point en Vivo con Seth Condrey - North Point Music - EMICMG
Releasing April 24, North Point en Vivo con Seth Condrey is the highly anticipated, debut Spanish-language album from North Point Music. The project features Dove Award winner, Seth Condrey. Condrey’s first Spanish album, De Corazon a Corzon, won “Spanish-Language Album of the Year” at the 2008 GMA Dove Awards. He followed up this success with the release of Mi Vida Entera in 2008.
(Liberación de 24 de Abril de North Point en vivo Con Seth Condrey es el muy esperado, el debut de disco en Español del musical North Point. El proyecto ganador del Premio Dove características, Seth Condrey. Primero álbum en español Condrey, De Corazón un Corzon, ganó "en Español Álbum del Año" en los Premios GMA Dove 2008. Él siguió este éxito con el lanzamiento de Mi Vida Entera en 2008.)

Worship Together 25 Canciones de Tus Alabanzas Favoritas - Sparrow Records - EMICMG
With their latest release, Worship Together: 25 Canciones De Tus Alabanzas Favoritas, Worship Together brings a collection of 25 of the most popular songs sung in churches today (as tracked by CCLI) to those who love to worship in Spanish. This is the perfect collection for the consumer who is looking for 'songs they know and sing' each week in church. Includes 8 of the top 10 CCLI songs: "How Great Is Our God" (#1), "Mighty To Save" (#2), "Blessed Be Your Name" (#4)," Here I Am To Worship" (#5) & more.
(Con su último lanzamiento, Worship Together: 25 Canciones De Tus Alabanzas Favoritas, Worship Together trae una colección de 25 de las canciones más populares cantados en las iglesias hoy en día (divididos por CCLI) a los que aman a la adoración en español. Esta es la colección perfecta para el consumidor que busca las canciones que conocen y cantan "cada semana en la iglesia. Incluye 8 las 10 mejores canciones CCLI: "Cuán Grande Es Nuestro Dios" (# 1), "Mighty To Save" (# 2), "Blessed Be Your Name" (# 4), "Here I Am To Worship" (# 5) y más.)

Kari Jobe - Donde Te Encuentro - Sparrow - EMICMG
Donde Te Encuentro (Where I Find You) features all 12 powerful songs from Where I Find You  recorded entirely in Spanish including the current hit radio single, “We Are,” that Kari describes as a “song of commission for us as believers to be reminded of what we’ve been called to and that is to impact people’s lives in everything we do.” Kari currently leads worship at Gateway Church (Southlake, TX) as well as leading worship at conferences across the country and around the world.
(Donde Te Encuentro dispone de todos los 12 potentes canciones de Where I Find You grabado íntegramente en español, incluyendo la radio single de éxito actual, "We Are", que Kari se describe como una canción "de la comisión para nosotros, como creyentes, para ser recuerda lo que hemos sido llamados y que es impactar la vida de la gente en todo lo que hacemos. "Kari en la actualidad lleva el culto en Gateway Church (Southlake, TX), así como dirigir la adoración en conferencias en todo el país y alrededor del mundo.)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Releases - April 17, 2012

This week's new music include...

Thousand Foot Krutch - The End is Where We Begin - TFK Music - New Day
Since the Toronto rock band's worldwide launch in 2003, listeners have felt a connection to lead singer Trevor McNevan, drummer Steve Augustine, and bassist Joel Bruyer's unique approach to music. With five successful projects under their belts, "The End Is Where We Begin" is the band’s first independent release.

Newworldson - Rebel Transmission - Newworldson - New Day
Rebel Transmission continues Newworldson's unique tradition of gospel, R&B, reggae and jazz fused together with an innate pop sensibility. In addition to the exceptional musicianship of band members Joel Parisien (lead vocals, keyboard), Mark Rogers (drums), Rich Moore (bass) and Josh Toal (vocals, guitar), the project also features critically acclaimed Chops Horns (Alicia Keys, The Police, The Rolling Stones). The self-produced record showcases songs including “Old Time Religion” and “Son of Man,” which follow in the footsteps of old favorites like “Working Man” with foot-stomping soul and glitzy brass. First single “Learning to Be the Light,” already Top 5 on the radio charts, and “Today” have a decidedly pop leaning while still maintaining Newworldson’s colorful retro flair.

Moriah Peters - I Choose Jesus - Reunion Records - Provident
 With a smile that's contagious, a personality that's infectious, and songs that resonate deep in your heart, Moriah Petres is poised to become an influential voice in Christian music. Moriah, who is wise beyond her 19 years, is a singer-songwriter from Chino, California that grew up in an environment where you had to stand firm for what you believe. Her debut album, I Choose Jesus, chronicles 10 songs that speak about living bold in your faith, grace and forgiveness, life choices and becoming all you can be. Produced by Grammy & Dove-Award Winning Ed Cash, the music is organic-pop, fun, energetic, and would fit comfortably in a playlest with Colbie Caillat, Sara Bareilles, John Mayer, Ingrid Michaelson, as well as Jamie Grace, Laura Story, and Audrey Assad.

Pastor George Lee 111 & Fortress Fire - I Have No Doubt - Taesis - Word
Pastor George Lee, 111 & Fortress Fire comes from St. John Baptist Church, the largest African American congregation in historical Savannah, GA. This group is an aggregation of young adults who have spread through the southeast and coastal region like wildfire. Pastor George Lee, 111 & Fortress Fire has garnered the attention of the gospel music community both in the states and abroad. The group is a powerhouse of youthful worshipers united to reach out globally to set the world on fire for Christ and it's only the beginning for this premier young adult chorale who received the 2010 Youth and Young Adult Choir of the Year Award by BDS/Billboard gospel reporting station WSOK-AM during its annual gospel music event. Their debut Emtro Gospel release, I Have No Doubt, explodes with their youthful desire to worship which will engulf all who listen with an experience of adoration that allows everyone to realize that "our God is a consuming fire."

Deluge - Swell - Integrity - Provident
Hailing from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the 5-member Rock/Worship band, Deluge, bring their talent and flavor to us again in their 2012 release Swell. With 10 new songs, Deluge shows us yet again that they can engage church audiences of all ages and all worship backgrounds. Swell is another strong example of bands exuberance, joy, and passion for worship.

Monday, April 9, 2012

New Releases - April 10, 2012

Hope that you all had a great Easter!
This week's releases include...

forvever JONES - Musical Revival - EMI Gospel - EMICMG
Starting from what could be considered a humble beginning, forever JONES, the family band of 7 from Shreveport, LA has really shown the world what God can do. Gathering each day for 9AM devotions, they not only shared time as a family but developed the songwriting style and sound that we now recognize as forever JONES. Their debut album, Get Ready really took Gospel music lovers by surprise and by many it was considered a breath of fresh air. Produced by renowned hit maker Keith Thomas (Amy Grant, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Heather Headley) Musical Revivalfeatures the classic sound and unique style of a truly talented family band.

Various - X2012 - BEC Recordings - EMICMG
Since 2003, the “X” compilation series has led the cutting edge in showcasing the best hits of Christian Rock. This is the perfect album for both fans new to the Christian Rock scene and veteran fans alike. Featuring Rock/CHR radio hits from the year’s top acts, the brand has featured Kutless, Skillet, Switchfoot, Thousand Foot Krutch, Underoath, Demon Hunter, tobyMac, RED, August Burns Red, and many more!

Demon Hunter - True Defiance - Solid State - EMICMG
Demon Hunter's sixth full-length album True Defiance finds Demon Hunter continuing in their hard rock evolution while embracing the components that have always formed the backbone of their music: true metal, dark rock and balladry. "We've been extremely underwhelmed with metal for the last five years or so, and that's been the fuel to create this record," Clark explains. "With an extreme over-saturation of false, fleeting, trend-hopping noise in today's metal scene, we had to make something we've been longing to hear. Something truly meaningful and artistic. Something our fans would love and something that will turn the heads of those who have ignored us for the past decade."

Travis Ryan - Fearless - Integrity Music - Provident
A study in contractions, Travis Ryan's tenor voice is a surprising combination of superb technical skill and as one reviewer puts in, "street weathered grit."  Ryan's music is the beneficiary of a style that is as inspired as it is original.  Described as a true worship leader,  Travis Ryan aims to write songs for the church - true to form, yet beyond expectation.
As a worship leader for Saddleback Church, Travis Ryan has lead worship for such organizations as Campus Crusade for Christ, Student Venture, The Purpose Driven Life Worship Conference, and at numerous universities.

Planetshakers - Heal Our Land - Integrity Music - Provident
Worship is not contained on one continent; it is not held back by boundary lines or borders.  And few bands know this as fully as Planetshakers.  Hailing from Australia, this praise and worship band has united believers with their music around the world; from their home in Melbourne, Australia, to the USA, Europe, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Southeast Asia.

Desperation Band - Center of It All - Integrity Music - Provident
Led by Jon Egan, the Desperation Band was birthed out of the student ministries of New Life Church in Colorado Springs.  Made up of several committed musicians, the band also travels to conferences, churches, and concerts throughout the country. 
Desperation is best known for writing songs like "Rescue", "I Am Free", "My Savior Lives", "You Hold It All", "Yahweh", "Overcome", and more.  This 13-track offering features high-energy, new passionate worship songs, conveying a raw hunger of God that puts Him at the Center Of It All.

FIKE - The Moment We've Waiting For - Integrity Music - Provident
There is something beautiful about two souls connected through music.  For the band Fike, fronted by Richie Fike and wife Dana, it was like a hand in a glove.  The Fikes moved to Colorado Springs, after marrying, to join the ministry of Vanguard Church.  It was there that they were inspired to write these infections worship songs for their church. 

Trip Lee - The Good Life - Reach Records - Central South Distribution
Perhaps we just need a new perspective; a new vision needs to be found. We need someone to show us, “the good life is the life that’s been laid down.”
On Trip’s fourth album, The Good Life, he does just that.  While exploring what the world, the flesh and the devil promote as the ultimate life, he presents the most glorious living—life found in Jesus.  The album opens with “New Dreams”, featuring J.R. and Sho Baraka, which is an awakening to the reality that chasing selfish ambitions will keep us from the abundant life God desires for us all.  Trip follows with the freeman anthems “Robot” and “I’m Good” featuring Lecrae, which boast in liberty, contentment and security found in Christ.  On “Fantasy”, featuring Suzy Rock, Trip carefully exposes the dream world we either live in or long for and the nightmare it will turn out to be. Other collaborations with KB, Andy Mineo, Jimmy Needham, V. Rose and many others, celebrate the beauty of life brought about by the true emancipator, the creator and revealer of all that is good.  While production from Dirty Rice, Alex Medina, G-Styles and Joseph Prielozny provide a glorious backdrop for the satisfaction of life in Christ.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

What's Happening - We Cry Out Tour

Jeremy Camp, Francesca Battistelli, and Adam Cappa are coming to Sunshine Community Church May 6 at 7 PM!

Monday, April 2, 2012

New Releases - April 3, 2012

This week's releases include...

Steven Curtis Chapman - #1's Vol. 1 - Sparrow - EMICMG
One of Christian Music’s most celebrated and acclaimed artists, Steven Curtis Chapman has sold over 10 million albums, charted 46 #1 singles, won 5 GRAMMY awards and received 56 Dove Awards. On April 3rd, he releases his new greatest hits collection - #1’s. The album features 13 of his biggest songs, each of which charted at number one, and features the career-defining songs “Dive”, “The Great Adventure”, “I Will Be Here” and more. With over 15 years since his previous greatest hits album released, many of Chapman’s biggest songs and albums have never been represented on a greatest hits collection. This Spring he heads out again on the highly-successful “Stories and Songs” tour, after a popular fall run that saw numerous sold out shows.

Christy Nockels - Into the Glorious - Sixstepsrecords - EMICMG
One of the leading female worship voices, Christy Nockels returns with her new album Into the Glorious. Christy’s new album finds her progressing from her acclaimed solo album Life Light Up, and showcases a more textured and rhythmic acoustic sound. Pairing again with her husband producer Nathan Nockels (Laura Story, Passion, Matt Redman), the album highlights Christy’s stunning vocals, strong songwriting and signature approach to worship.  First single "Ever Lifting" #41 on National Christian Audience Chart after 2 weeks! The album features 12 new songs, including a new recording of the Top 20 single “Waiting Here for You,” first heard on 2011’sPassion: Here For You album.

KJ-52 - Dangerous - BEC Recordings - EMICMG
Leaving behind all inhibition, KJ-52 is charging back into the scene with his anticipated new release, Dangerous. Picking up where his Dove Award-winning "Five-Two Television" (2010 Rap/Hip Hop Album of the Year) left off, Jonah Sorrentino is back and bold as ever with his passionate call to be Dangerous. Having overcome many obstacles in his career with over 550,000 albums sold, the rapper cries out for people to be real, to share the love of Christ with others without restraint.

Smokie Norful - Once in a Lifetime - EMI Gospel - EMICMG
Pulling from a decade of hits, Smokie Norful delivers a Once In A Lifetime musical journey.  These songs not only tell a story, they each have significant meanting to life.  Within our personal journeys we each encounter love, hope, fear, sadness, and joy.  By taking this musical journey, you experience songs that truly touch the heart, reminding you that God has His hand perfectly poisitioned and guiding us, giving us the strength to endure.  It is a journey, as is life, and for each of us that journey is ... Once In A Lifetime

Anita Wilson - Worship Soul - EMI Gospel - EMICMG
With her debut project, Anita Wilson joins the rich musical heritage known as the Chicago sound, while simultaneously heralding a new style in today’s gospel music---Worship Soul. A worship leader and featured vocalist in the award-winning ensemble Donald Lawrence & Company, she boldly takes the solo stage with an album that is at once fiery and soulful, dynamic and meditative.

Various - Piano Music for Moms: Mother's Day Music Collection - Green Hill Music - EMICMG
A classic collection of Green Hill recordings by best-selling pianists including BEEGIE ADAIR, JIM BRICKMAN, and STAN WHITMIRE highlight songs that focus on the warmth, love and inspiration provided by mothers and grandmothers of all ages.

Marvin Sapp - I Win - Verity Records - Provident
A huge part of Marvin Sapp's appeal has been his ability to tap into his own personal pain and weave a heart-touching song that speaks to the masses.  Such was the story with his mega-hit song "Never Would Have Made It" and the follow-up "The Best In Me".  In the midst of those waves of success, the "pastor who sings" suffered another painful loss when his wife MaLinda passed away.  So when the time came to record his subsequent album, Marvin chose a title that succintly speaks about rising above life's trials, and is presenting us with "I Win".

National Day of Prayer

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers outside of the US Capitol before ministering at the 2018 National Day of Prayer.   # BrooklynTabernacle  ...