Monday, January 24, 2011

January 25, 2011 - New Releases

These are the new releases for January 25, 2011 of the Rance Allen Group, Luminate, Andrea Crouch, Deitrick Haddon, I am Empire, and the movie "Like Dandelion Dust"
Jan 25 2011 New Releases

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lecrae - Rehab: The Overdose

This second half of Rehab entitled the Overdose is a continuation of the first half of Rehab that was just released 3 months ago and has sold over 75,000 units to date. Lecrae is appearing on the 2011 Dove Awards & now is nominated for a Grammy for Rehab. Due to some misunderstandings and icy snow, we now have The Overdose in our store! 
The album like Rehab is an amazing, powerful collection of songs. What is powerful about them is that they deal with issues that no one wants to talk about and Jesus's power is shown in the mist of those issues. One of the songs is entitled "Anger Management." Have you ever just been so mad that you don't care what happened? Have you been caught up in a rage? I have. Well this song is treated as a anger management class. It has the person acknowledging the anger, then moving on to the consequences of that anger, then to what that anger means in separation from God, and then finally towards a healing. This message is full of meaning and comfort for those with rage. "Blow Your High" is about what is suggests; however the next lyrics are "but you really are getting low." There exists chemicals that effect the central nervous system directly. This in turn effects ones mood and/or how one views the world around them. These chemicals are manipulators in the body. "Your body is feeling right, but your soul is going left."  The chemical effect may have an enriching feel; however, Jesus is being rejected. He enriches our lives. This song challenges the user. The CD goes on to ask the question of how you are living your life. The question that comes after is why or for whom are you living your life. What are you chasing after? Who are you overdosed on?

"Around every corner is the lure to consume.
A Desire to be satisfied.
Unfortunately no human being has found anything under the sun that brings satisfaction.
So we consume more, and more, and more.
Eventually we overdose.
However, there is hope if christianity is our rehab.
In Jesus satisfaction can be found. 
Grace, love, peace and hope can be found...and there is always more.
Consume more of Jesus.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

26th Annual Stellar Awards

On Saturday  January 15, the 26th Annual Stellar Awards took place. It was an evening of great gospel talent and praise. If you missed the award show and don't want to spend a long time searching online for videos, the Stellar Award ceremonies will be broadcast locally at noon Feb. 20 on WZZM-TV (Channel 13), and on the Gospel Music Channel at 7 p.m., March 6.
Artist of the Year - Marvin Sapp
Song of the Year - "Close to You" Bebe & CeCe Winans (Still)
Male Vocalist of the Year - Byron Cage
Female Vocalist of the Year - Karen Clark Sheard
Group/Duo of the Year - James Fortune & FIYA
New Artist of the Year - Kristina Halloway
CD of the Year - Marvin Sapp - Here I Am
Choir of the Year - Wilmington Chester Mass Choir
Traditional Group - Mighty Clouds of Joy
Rap/Hip Hop Gospel CD of the Year - Trip Lee - Between Two Worlds
Praise & Worship CD of the Year - Darwin Hobbs - Darwin Hobbs Live: Champion
Contemporary Male Artist of the Year - James Fortune
Traditional Male Artist of the Year - Marvin Sapp
Contemporary Female Artist of the Year - CeCe Winans
Traditional Female Artist of the Year - Lucinda Moore
Contemporary CD of the Year - James Fortune & FIYA - Encore
Traditional CD of the Year - Marvin Sapp - Here I Am
Contemporary Choir of the Year - Myron Butler & Levi
Traditional Choir of the Year - Wilmington Chester Mass Choir

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Brandon Heath - Leaving Eden

I am very excited for this third album of Brandon Heath's. It is always impressive when a artist can tour, write, compose, and record all at once, but in so doing so, he achieves a sound and a theme that would otherwise not exist. In this record, Brandon reflects on the meaning of everything as God's love for us. What is really interesting about the song "Leaving Eden" is that he says that we are leaving paradise behind, evident by the news, but then we are also going somewhere. He chooses the path going towards God as he says in the bridge of how he longs for "home". What I love about these songs on this album is that something as common as water is taken and shown God's glory through it. Brandon entitles the song as "Only Water," but water is a unique compound that makes life possible on Earth, is present at any given time in three stable physical phases, and is turned into wine as a start to Jesus' ministry on Earth. "Your Love" is the first song on this record to grab my attention. There are many questions in this life. How do we love someone more than just saying "I love you." What are we looking for in this life? What really matters in this life? What do we hope for? The answer is His love.

Friday, January 7, 2011

These are our Bestsellers for the entire year of 2010!

Contemporary & Rock:
1. Tonight - tobyMac
2. Until the Whole World Hears - Casting Crowns
3. WOW Hits 2011 - Various

1. Here I Am - Marvin Sapp
2. Freedom - Mandisa
3. WOW Gospel 2010 - Various

Praise & Worship:
1. And If Our God is for Us - Chris Tomlin
2. WOW Worship Purple - Various
3. See the Morning - Chris Tomlin

Southern Gospel:
1. Breathe Deep - Guy Penrod
2. Greatly Blessed - Gaither Vocal Band
3. Better Day - Gaither Vocal Band

Hard Rock:
1. Awake - Skillet
2. For Those Who Wait - Fireflight
3. Crash - Decyfer Down

Rap & Hip Hop:
1. Rehab - Lecrae
2. Between Two Worlds - Tripp Lee
3. Chase - Manafest

National Day of Prayer

The Brooklyn Tabernacle Singers outside of the US Capitol before ministering at the 2018 National Day of Prayer.   # BrooklynTabernacle  ...