Monday, August 27, 2012

TobyMac - Eye On It

This newest project by TobyMac, Eye On It, brings his music forward with a nod to the past. I found this album very reminiscent to Portable Sounds with one song, "Family" very similar in the sound vibe to "City on Our Knees" from Tonight album. Eye on It as a whole take on a techno feel of Owl City with the hip hop jibe of GROUP1CREW. Blanca from GROUP1CREW is featured on the album in one song. For the first time that I am aware of, the Christian music giant, TobyMac, teams up with Christian Rap's biggest musician, Lecrae. They come together in this great song called "Forgiveness." I have always enjoyed when two different artists come together and compliment each others sounds. The mixture of the hip hop, rap, and contemporary sounds makes the lyrics of that song all the more powerful.
The song "Thankful for You" is one where I would love to sit down with TobyMac and ask him questions. The song is one of gratitude to both God and those who like his music. The questions that I would ask would be on his journey from before DC Talk to where he is now.
Definitely, a quality album as to be expected from TobyMac with many great songs on it.
Here is me without you ....

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